It was a long haul, New Orleans to Miami. We are thinking of driving and would like 4 days in Miami at the end. Posez vos questions et parcourez les 3 200 000 messages actuellement en ligne. Le National World War II Museum, musée officiel de la Seconde Guerre mondiale. Much appreciate everything you have done for me. We are planning our trip for September and I don´t know where to start my research. California to New Orleans road trip map. Follow in the footsteps of famous U.S. writers on this literary road trip from New Orleans to Florida's coast. One of the best drives through America's Deep South has to be a New Orleans road trip. The total driving distance from New Orleans, LA to Miami, FL is 862 miles or 1 387 kilometers. Ive got a rough route in my head (across the southern states). Miami is full of exciting nightclubs and unique boutiques, and in Orlando, there is plenty of fun with its theme parks and other attractions. Since I'm a big Abbi Glines fan, I want to make a stop in Rosemary Beach. Authentik USA est spécialiste du circuit sur mesure en Louisiane et en Floride pour la famille ou le couple. The Miami to New Orleans road trip offers a wide range of entertainment for both children and adults. Looking at the map, I was wondering what the road that hugs the coast is like (90) - from New Orleans to Mobile. Planning A New Orleans Road Trip. Since all four of us were from California and had done some pretty thorough exploration of The Golden State already, we decided to hustle as quickly as possible to The Grand Canyon from Berkeley (easily our longest stretch of driving). Answer 1 of 13: Hi all I have a 13 day holiday to spend on a road trip New Orleans to Miami. And I have two initial comments: These early days are very rushed; Your accommodation budget is low rather than mid-range, for Miami Beach, Key West, Fort Lauderdale, New Orleans; I can't advise on driving from New Orleans back to Florida. Si votre idee est de faire un roadtrip de Miami a New Orleans arrivez a Miami et repartez de New Orleans. Furthermore, you’ll experience the theme parks, pools and golf courses of Orlando and the unique landscape of the Everglades. For an interactive map, use the following link: Interactive Map on Google. The area is generously blessed with RV friendly sites, so finding somewhere to stay shouldn’t be a problem. Kayaks are available to rent to play on the water. Traversée de la Floride et ses belles plages, la Louisiane avec la Nouvelle Orléans, le bayou et New York pour terminer! If you are planning a road trip, you might also want to calculate the total driving time from New Orleans, LA to Miami, FL so you can see when you'll arrive at your destination. Answer 1 of 12: Hello, this will be our first road trip ever. We are leaving New Orleans on 21 May and arriving in Miami on 27 May. Of course, if you want to experience a huge Mardi Gras, then New Orleans is the place to come. We had about 15 hours of driving ahead of us so we started off our morning with the only sensible choice, giant Cafe Au Laits from Cafe Du Monde. Le New Orleans African American Museum dédié à l’histoire et à l’art des communautés Afro-Américaines à la Nouvelle-Orléans et dans la diaspora africaine. Demande de devis personnalisés. If so, see the distance from New Orleans to Miami. Answer 1 of 8: Hi, I am travelling with a friend to New Orleans [for work] in October. Hello Laura. Cheers . Cruise through the country from the Atlantic all the way over to the Pacific Ocean. Les étapes et nos coups de cœur. I'm making a trip from Miami to New Orleans by car in September and would like to stop in some beaches or nice towns. Beginning next week (Nov 25 2019). answered by. New Orleans to Miami – The Road Trip comes to an end. Night 04 - New Orleans Night 05 - New Orleans... and so on. Le New Orleans Jazz Museum qui célèbre l’histoire du jazz sous toutes ses formes. Report inappropriate content . My mates and I are due to take a road trip from coast to coast starting on the 2nd November. If you love a driving holiday, one of the best road trips I’ve done was our 10-day Nashville, Memphis, New Orleans music roadie.. I think the trip will take us 3 or 4 days. Afficher Road trip USA : instantanés #2, la Floride sur une carte plus grande. Starting and finishing in New Orleans works from a practical point of view (it's easier to fly in and out of the same airport) but there's a better reason too. It is also home to the Mississippi River Museum, where you can pretend to paddle a dugout canoe, pilot a barge, and stand on the deck of a steamboat. With both cultural and outdoor adventures on offer, choosing what you are going to do is not going to be easy. Where to stop? Miami Beach, The Keys, Orlando, New Orleans, Texas, Santa Fe, Monument Valley, Grand Canyon NP, Old Route 66, Las Vegas, Palm Springs & Los Angeles. Tallahassee is the state capital of Florida, and you can visit historic buildings while there. Carnet de voyage : Road Trip à travers le sud des USA. Avant de revenir à la Nouvelle-Orléans et terminer votre road trip en Louisiane, vous pouvez faire un détour à Houma et même y passer une nuit. Once we were done living it up in New Orleans and we were nice and relaxed we had one final leg of our road trip to complete. We will like to drive from MIA to New Orleans and then back home. Road trip New Orleans to New York City (copy) road trip makes stops at George Bush Intercontinental Airport (Iah), Avis Car Rental - George Bush Intercontinental Airport Iah, Hemi Hideout and others. The sunshine never ends on this Southern road trip. Skip Miami (been there, done that too many times), watch the sunset as I enter Key … This road trip is a relaxing break, whilst also offering new experiences throughout. I am currently planning our 3rd roadtrip in USA (from Australia - Sep/Oct 2016) One section of the trip is from New Orleans to Miami. Answer 1 of 14: Hi ladies and gents, My girlfriend and I are flying in from Europe in early May 2018 and our first destination is New Orleans since we always wanted to visit. Departure from Berkeley. We will love to stay 3/4 nights in New O. New Orleans to Miami is a beautiful drive offering up some of America’s best beaches and most exciting cities. I am planning a road trip from Miami to New Orleans and I would like to get some insights to make sure my plan is realistic for a trip of about two weeks. Road Trip from NYC to Miami. Regular fuel costs are around $1.98 per gallon for your trip. My question is, what towns do you suggest we park our weary heads on the leg from New Orleans to Miami and why? PRICES FROM JUST £ 1799 Last stop on our epic road trip across the Deep South of the USA is New Orleans. Miami New Orleans. Can anyone give me some advice as what route we should take to get to New Orleans and what things to not miss out on the way. Everything you need to know to do a New York to Miami road trip. I wrote this itinerary based on our hugely fun road trip starting in Nashville for a couple of nights, then Memphis for a couple more and finishing in New Orleans (which I’ve now visited 7 times!) But I would like to know where else can we stop! Scott from Fort Collins. See the itinerary on Marriott Bonvoy Traveler. Spend a day or so... We landing in New Orleans, so extende of our days in these cities will depend on the suggestion that you guys might have!! We intend to try and hug the coast as much as possible and visit Pensacola Beach, Panama City Beach, Apalachicola and Tallahassee. In addition to figuring out the distance to Miami, you can also figure out the route elevation from New Orleans to Miami. We have tagged on a 10 day holiday and would love to go to Miami. The total cost of driving from Miami, FL to New Orleans, LA (one-way) is $68.37 at current gas prices.. This downtown Memphis, Tennessee, park offers an arena where prominent entertainers often perform. Circuits en voiture dans le sud des États-Unis ou road trip organisé en camping-car de 1, 2, ou 3 semaines en formule pas cher ou de luxe. The round trip cost would be $136.75 to go from Miami, FL to New Orleans, LA and back to Miami, FL again.. 3-4 days will give you plenty of time to enjoy the drive. Your trip begins in New Orleans, Louisiana. A New York to Miami road trip covers some diverse places, cool drives, great cities and impressive parks too. St Augustine, la ville la plus ancienne des États-Unis, fondée par les Espagnols.Sympa mais un charme européen (petites rues et monuments), je crois qu’on n’est pas venus ici chercher ça. Plan to drop by Mud Island Park on your road trip from New Orleans to Minneapolis. What would you recommend? It makes things a lot clearer. 4 Answers. Avec Comptoir des Voyages découvrez nos itinérants & autotours aux Etats-Unis : Road trip de la Nouvelle Orléans à Miami. Road trip planner. It ends in Miami, Florida. Prix 2021 tout compris et disponible en avril, mai, juin, juillet, août, septembre et octobre. This is part of a 7 week trip taking in Italy, Spain, Turkey, a cruise to Western Caribbean and more parts of USA. Plan your road trip with Roadtrippers. Here’s a list of the best stops you’d love on a road trip from New York to Miami. Miami to New Orleans by car. Houma est sur la route de votre retour, c’est une charmante bourgade de la Louisiane qui se visite en quelques heures. Famous for its huge Mardi Gras celebrations, there is a lot to see and do here – so much so that we happily spent a week exploring the city. Avis pour Road Trip Miami -----> New Orleans - forum Floride - Besoin d'infos sur Floride ? During your Miami to New Orleans RV road trip, you will travel past some interesting cities. Answer 1 of 9: Hello All!!